It is getting colder and colder here so that I felt like sharing a picture with you that illustrates this feeling but also shows the positive sides of this season – great blue color gradients and the power of ice.



Rusty blue door

I still cannot believe that my last post is almost 3 months ago.. Time is really running..

What I love about this old, weathered, rusty door is its intense colors and the different shades of blue. I find it always stunning how things can be changed by nature and even if this door might be not in a good shape at all, it has become something artistic and worth looking at.


I like how flowers can create the feeling of softness, sensitivity and lightness. I tried to transform this feeling into a picture by using a low perspective and a rather big aperture.

Moss in urban surroundings

Moss in urban surroundings makes places always greener: even a gray wall looks a bit more vivid when there is some moss on it. What I like about this picture is how this wall seems to be split into two parts: a green and a gray one.



I was looking at my blog and found that something was missing. I realized that it was the text that made my blog more personal. So I decided to put descriptions, thoughts or explanations under my pictures again – from now on. Hope you will appreciate it.